Economic Calendar

The Forex market is traded 24/7 and is largely driven by economic news and data. If you’re trading Forex, having an up to date Economic calendar is a must.

Our Economic calendar will show you any scheduled economic events and their results in real-time, counting down to each one.
You can set up an individual notification for each and every economic event (or all) which will send you an email notification at the pre-determined time interval.

The Economic calendar will help you prepare from minor to major news events and control risk in your Forex trading. Each and every economic event is labeled with an impact from no-impact to low, medium and high impact as well as the previous, consensus and actual result. You can filter out the events by currency to match your trading.

You can click on every event in our Economic Calendar for even further details such as the explanation on the event, data source and historical values (where available).

You can use our Economic Calendar to search past economic events and understand how they affect the forex markets.

Our Economic Calendar offers multiple configurations you can change to best fit your needs:

  1. Filter events by currency
  2. Filter events by Impact
  3. Filter events by Region/Country
  4. Set email reminders and live notifications for upcoming events
  5. Export event list

To access these configuration, click the configuration icon at the top right corner of the calendar:

Updated on March 21, 2024

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